Breast Cancer Awareness Coffee & Cupcakes Day

breast cancer awareness Team

Why supporting breast cancer awareness is important to us.

Swifts is a family business and we can remember many years ago in 1999 when Mum broke the devastating news to us that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer; with her strong character she took in her stride and faced the operation and treatment head on. 

The family supported her every step of the way but she had others around her too 'The Breast Cancer team'. They were supportive, caring and kind whilst encouraging her through her operation and treatment compassionately and with genuine understanding.

Following her treatment Mum decided she wanted to give something back by fund raising for Breast Cancer Awareness and by organising an annual Casino evening, supported and enjoyed by many achieved a massive sum of over £11,000.00 and every penny was donated to Breast Cancer funds. Following this Mum was delighted to be invited over to Glenfield to see the latest technology and chat about the research achieved with the help of fund raising monies, a very inspiring trip. She continues to thoroughly enjoy life with her family and friends and has now been clear for over 18 years.

Where does the Swifts coffee morning come into this, well after numerous years the family agreed for Mum to step down and we would continue to support the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign by holding an annual coffee morning, providing coffee and scrumptious homemade cup cakes (curtesy of Beth her Granddaughter) and of course pink uniforms and accessories (just for Kim)! Hence our invitations to you and of course Mum to call in and support on Friday 19th October this year.

Free entry and coffee, donations for cakes.

Everyone welcome.

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