How it All Began

Brand History

Welcome to Swifts 

This is how it all began.

Mum and Dad, yes that’s right it’s a family company which started in 1959 with John & Rita Swift, J & R Swift Ltd., a hosiery company, it all began in the back room of their home and grew from there, eventually moving in 1964 down to Parsons Lane, Off London Road into what was Robinsons Shoe factory; then to be called Mistral House after the Company’s brand name Mistral.

The factory floor - 1974

This was when Hinckley was renowned for many hosiery firms in town; all very busy and employing many locals. Swifts had many hard working, very loyal employees the majority of whom stayed with the company for many years.  We are proud to say that we still manufacture ladies’ hosiery, the last remaining company in Hinckley to do so and although John & Rita retired a few (well many) years ago they still visit us frequently just to make sure everything is in order!

So how did we get to supplying school uniforms, sports and corporate wear from ladies hosiery? Find out in a blog post coming soon.

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