Embroidery & Printing

Our specialist embroidery and printing team can help you decide and design the perfect personalisation/branding solution for your garments.


Embroidery provides a high quality embossed look and feel to display your logo or text onto garments.

Colour Availability

A wide range of colours are available, with most pantone colours matched.

How to Move Forward With Embroidery?

To move to the next stage an origination disk will be required, if you have had embroidery before it is possible you already have this. However if not, we can create a new disc for you from an image.

Quantities and Pricing

Due to the fact that embroidery requires a machine to be set up for your garments specifically a minimum quantity will be required; this will largely depend on the complexity of the design. Like quantity, pricing is based on the individual design, therefore we recommend that you request a free no obligation quote to better get an understanding of quality and price.


Printing is a more modern way of having a design on a garment, it has gained popularity due to its more simplistic nature. Printing is both faster and more cost effective than embroidery and doesn't require larger minimum quantities.

Colour Availability

Like embroidery it is possible to match virtually any colour, this is made easier as printing is done via an image, the higher quality this image is, the higher quality the print will be.


The best way to establish a price is to request a free no obligation quote, which will give you an accurate idea of price and quantity required.

Garments and Accessories

At Swifts we can also source the garments and accessories for your design to be put on, we are competitively priced and can deliver a wide range of products. For more information click please visit our corporate & specials page.

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